Etoba® opened its doors to its guests in Tekirdağ in August 2014 and started its activities with a new and different perspective on barbecued meat and meatball culture.

In this context, it has become the brand new face of Tekirdağ, which is growing day by day with its taste presentation, professional service understanding, fast service quality, view and concept, attractive price alternatives and warm atmosphere, and has brought a pleasant, delicious and new interpretation to the food culture in a short time. With its ever-evolving menu, Etoba® contains the outstanding flavors of the world cuisine.

Besides lunch or dinner with friends or family, Etoba® is also an ideal restaurant for business lunches or dinners. It is also a place where you can get rid of all the tiredness of the week with a pleasant breakfast accompanied by the perfect sea view on weekends.

To make our guests feel good every day; We open our doors to welcome them in the best way with our sincere, professional and friendly service approach. We offer new and up-to-date flavors to your liking in the most elegant way by adding local flavors.

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